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The Woman’s Guide to How Men Think

by Shawn T. Smith, PsyD

Men are like the ocean… deeper than they look and easy to misread. The Woman’s Guide to How Men Think bridges the gulf between the sexes by explaining how men see the world, and how they view the women in their lives.

Written by a clinical psychologist and backed by research, this book reveals what women want to know about the men they love. You’ll discover…

  • The most important thing to men, and how it affects romance
  • Why men change after they commit to a woman
  • The most damaging mistake women can make with men
  • How to help a man open up
  • Strategies for handling the most common misunderstandings


You’ll also learn why men often feel frustrated and criticized by their partners, how to deal with male silence without putting men on the defensive, and how some of the most frustrating male traits may actually be thoughtful—but misunderstood—attempts at problem-solving. If you have been searching for an insider’s guide to the ever-elusive male mind, then look no further. This upbeat and positive guide will help you navigate these mysterious waters.

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Emotional Wellbeing Check

An Emotional Wellbeing Check is a 30 minute consultation to give you an overview of how you are doing with your psychological wellbeing. It will highlight key areas of your wellness and give an indication as to whether there are any areas of your life that would benefit from some attention. Like any other health check up, an emotional wellbeing check is an important part of staying on top of your mental health. With no commitment to engaging in regular therapy, this service offers a useful measure of your overall emotional wellbeing.

When might an emotional wellbeing check be beneficial?

  • Something feels “off”, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is
  • You are considering embarking on therapy, but you remain uncertain as to whether this would be beneficial for you
  • You have a history of mental health difficulties and want to stay on top of your emotional wellbeing

Following the wellbeing check you will be provided with a brief summary report with recommendations from Dr Shamarel. As this is not a service that insurance companies typically reimburse for, you will not be given a formal diagnosis.