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Your mental and emotional well-being matters to us! You are not alone, we are here to listen, support and help you.

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Experienced licensed clinical psychologists.

At MapleTree we are a group of highly skilled and experienced licensed clinical psychologists in private practice. We provide psychotherapy and counselling to adults, couples, and adolescents. Our services are offered in English, Arabic, French, Farsi and Finnish. We offer treatment that is evidence based and personalized to meet your needs.

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Our team at MapleTree is committed to developing a therapeutic relationship that is non-judgemental, confidential, and safe. Our goal in therapy is to facilitate awareness of your needs and difficulties to help you develop insight into who you are with the aim of helping you promote a greater sense of authenticity and wellbeing. As psychologists we are committed to providing support and guidance towards effective, long-lasting change in a calm, comfortable, and supportive environment.

Our Approach

While difficult experiences of the past cannot be changed we help identify long-standing patterns of behaviors, negative perceptions, distressing feelings and emotional reactions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. If you are going through a challenging situation and are looking for support and guidance or are ready to move in a new direction in your life, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Therapy for Adults & Adolescents


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We specialize in the following areas

Our therapists are trained to help individuals suffering from emotional and behavioral difficulties ranging from depression and anxiety to seeking personnal growth.

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Emotional Wellbeing Check

An Emotional Wellbeing Check is a 30 minute consultation to give you an overview of how you are doing with your psychological wellbeing. It will highlight key areas of your wellness and give an indication as to whether there are any areas of your life that would benefit from some attention. Like any other health check up, an emotional wellbeing check is an important part of staying on top of your mental health. With no commitment to engaging in regular therapy, this service offers a useful measure of your overall emotional wellbeing.

When might an emotional wellbeing check be beneficial?

  • Something feels “off”, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is
  • You are considering embarking on therapy, but you remain uncertain as to whether this would be beneficial for you
  • You have a history of mental health difficulties and want to stay on top of your emotional wellbeing

Following the wellbeing check you will be provided with a brief summary report with recommendations from Dr Shamarel. As this is not a service that insurance companies typically reimburse for, you will not be given a formal diagnosis.