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‘Like Shaking Up a Snow Globe’: Clarity and Confidence in Divorce Decisions

When someone is in the process of making a decision about whether to stay in a marriage or to pursue a divorce, research from the National Divorce Decision-Making Project shows that they often think about how it will impact their children, finances, personal happiness, and how much love they have for, or are experiencing from, their spouse. It can be a major struggle for many individuals who are considering divorce to arrive at clarity or confidence in a final decision one way or the other. Over the last couple of years, my colleagues and I have interviewed people in the middle of making a decision about the future of their marriage, and we have been reporting the results on this blog. Among other things, we were interested in discovering how individuals arrive at a place of clarity and confidence in their decision-making, and if the quest for clarity and confidence actually guided their process.

The following is an excerpt from an interview I did with one of our participants, a woman who had been married 26 years at the time, who shared her struggle with finding clarity in her decision. Although her words are unique to the context of her marriage and situation, she captures the difficulty many of our interviewees experienced in arriving at a place of clarity or confidence about whether to remain married or divorce.

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