Family Mediation

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Family mediation…

a structured and confidential conversation that the mediation participants, often former spouses, have with the help of a mediator. 

Most people seek mediation when they are ending their marriage or relationships and need to discuss child arrangements and finances. Mediation can also be helpful when you want to make changes to, for example, existing child arrangements.

The goal of mediation is for the two of you to get to a place where an agreement is possible.

The mediator facilitates your discussions and provides the structure.

The outcome of the process is decided between you and your former partner.

Family mediation is based on four principles: impartiality, confidentiality, self-determination and voluntariness. The mediator is impartial and will not take any sides.

Your discussions are confidential and cannot be recorded or disclosed in court. You and your former partner determine what topics you discuss in mediation. You are also in control of how long the process takes and what the outcome is. Your participation in mediation is voluntary. You do not have to participate if you do not want to and can end the process any time you wish.

• When you discuss child arrangements in mediation, the best interest of the children will be the focus mediation sessions.

• Mediation sessions can be in-person or online.


Before your first mediation session you will both complete an intake form. Then, you will both have a 50 minute individual meeting with the mediator. After your individual meetings your mediator will also decide if your case is suitable  for mediation. If mediation is an option for you and you both decide you want to move ahead, the first joint mediation session will be scheduled. Mediation sessions last  80-minutes each. 

Family mediation fees:

  • 50-minute individual meeting 850 AED
  • 80-minute session 1360 AED
  • Written summary of a mediation session 850 AED, sent to both parties


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